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While others raise their pricing, we just raise our standards at Wholesale Direct Tires LLC. Come to us for affordable tires, wheels and brakes.

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Welcome to Wholesale Direct Tires!

Wholesale Direct Tires LLC provides new tires and tire services to customers in Anoka, MN, Blaine, MN, Roon Rapids MN, Elk River, MN, Minneapolis, MN, Ramsey, MN, St. Paul, MN and surrounding areas. Our line of competitively priced tires features some of the industry’s leading tire brands, like Nitto, Goodyear, Firestone, and Bridgestone. We also offer a wide range of tire repair services and tire maintenance services.

Shopping for custom wheels? We offer wholesale rims and a full selection of top wheel brands in our store, like Fuel, XB, and KMC. We’ll prove to you that Wholesale Direct Tires LLC offers some of the best tire and wheel services and tire prices in the local area, not to mention the best rims available. We’re your custom wheel shop – see us today for whatever you need to get rolling!

While others raise their pricing, we just raise our standards at Wholesale Direct Tires LLC. Come to us for affordable tires and rims.

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Give your ride some personality 

with new wheels!

Shopping for some wheels that will give your ride a little more personality?  Need custom wheels in Anoka but don’t know where to turn? Want the best deal on tires for your car, truck, or SUV? Look no further than our tire and wheel showroom in Anoka, MN. Wholesale Direct Tires is a leader in offering name brand tires, wheels, and tire services at affordable prices. We proudly serve the wheel and tire needs of Anoka, MN, Blaine, MN, Coon Rapids, MN, Elk River, MN, Minneapolis, MN, Ramsey, MN, St. Paul, MN and surrounding areas. 

Explore the wide selection of custom wheels available at Wholesale Direct Tire LLC. We have the best selection of truck wheels in the region, plus a great selection of car and SUV wheels. Choose from leading brands like Fuel Off-Road and KMC. Get big wheels for your lifted Ford F-150 or aftermarket wheels to personalize your Scion xB. There’s a wheel for what you drive, where you drive, and how you drive. Stop by and compare how different brands and styles look on your make and model.

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Protect your ride 

We offer certified 3M platinum paint protection film installation, AKA Clear Bra.

Paint Protection Film (PPF):

A 3M durable, clear urethane film that will help preserve your vehicle’s finish and protect the surface from any oncoming debris and weather elements.  This nearly invisible film will be applied to any high-impact paint surface, including those listed below.  3M warranties this product for 5 years from the time of installation based on manufacturer guidelines.  In the rare occasion that the film is damaged due to unpredictable environmental conditions 3M will not warranty this application.  Because vehicles sometimes get re-painted due to various causes the installer reserves the right to cancel any application if he/she feels that it will cause further damage.  In that case money will be refunded 100%.



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Keep your car, truck or suv in tip top shape!

At The Tire Shop (Wholesale Direct Tires LLC), we want our customers in Anoka, MN, Blaine, MN, Ramsey, MN, and surrounding areas to get the most out of their vehicles. 

It’s why we only offer the best quality wheels and tires at our Anoka tire and wheel showroom. It’s also why we back our tire and wheel selection with the best in tire and wheel service. From rotations to flat tire repairs, we’ll make sure your car is rolling the way it should be. 

What’s the key to keeping your car running for a long time? Following the recommended maintenance intervals outlined in your owner’s manual and checking for potential problems before they happen are essential to overall vehicle maintenance. 

Follow the car care tips below to keep your vehicle running reliably:

  • Change the oil within the suggested service intervals. Checking and changing your oil and oil filter will help your engine and vehicle run smoothly. While changing your oil as required is important, using the manufacturer’s recommended oil for your vehicle can improve gas mileage by 1-2%.
  • Moving components require regular lubrication and should be checked as often as the oil is changed. Driveline components, like CV and u-joints, are flexible components that, if not properly lubricated, can break down and cause other major components to go with them.
  • Transmission and differential fluid are other important fluids to check during service intervals. Unusual noises, sluggish shifting, or abrupt gear changes are all signs that your transmission service interval is quickly approaching or has passed. For fluid specifications, be sure to consult your owner’s manual for your manufacturer’s recommended transmission fluid type and viscosity.
  • Pay attention to battery life. Battery connections should be kept tight, clean, and free of corrosion. Batteries rarely provide warnings before failing, so be sure to seek battery replacements as necessary.
  • Brake fluid can attract moisture, which will corrode components. Brake fluid should be replaced once a year to keep calipers, hoses, and other components in top operating condition. Other important fluids to consider changing on a regular basis include power steering fluid and coolant. Each fluid has its own service interval, so be sure to check with the manufacturer.
  • Fully functioning climate control systems are important to your comfort and your overall safety. A complete flush and fill of the coolant system is necessary for ridding the system of dirt and rust collected from the engine, radiator, and various hoses. Refrigerant may also be checked prior to the onset of warmer seasons.
  • Wheel alignments can realign your wheels to your manufacturer’s specifications. Wheel alignments improve straight-line tracking and reduce tire wear. If you feel unusual pulling to one side, it is time for a wheel alignment.
  • Avoid stop-and-go driving. This wastes fuel and adds unnecessary wear and premature age to crucial components.

By following these tips and the service intervals listed inside your owner’s manual, you can guard against major repairs and unexpected failures. Proper vehicle maintenance can save you money in the long run, and improve your safety and the safety of your passengers, while neglecting suggested services at recommended intervals will void vehicle and parts warranties.

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Got tire problems, we can help.

If you’re looking for the best tire and wheel services in Anoka, Blaine, or Ramsey, MN, let the team at The Tire Shop (Wholesale Direct Tires LLC) take care of your vehicle like it was one of our own. Our skilled technicians are dedicated to giving you honest service at the best possible price. The way we do business is simple: we keep our overhead low so we can give you great prices on the top brands. We transfer this value over to our wheel and tire services too. If you want great wheel and tire care in the Anoka, MN region, then trust your vehicle to The Tire Shop (Wholesale Direct Tires LLC).

If you’ve just purchased a set of tires from our shop and want to keep them rolling at their best, let our technicians help you with that TPMS light on your dashboard. Got a flat? Bring your tires into us for flat tire repair. No matter what your tire needs, we’ll get your vehicle back on the road again fast – and without breaking the bank. 

When it comes to wheels, we offer expert wheel installations and a huge selection of custom wheels to choose from. You can shop and save on name brand wheels and tires at our shop, and if you have questions, just let us know! We provide friendly and experienced advice on what wheels and tires will work best for your vehicle. We provide excellent customer service throughout the buying, installing, and servicing process. Come in to our shop to see the difference. Call us today to schedule service or schedule an appointment online. 

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